What If They Don't Believe?

When Moses had to give Pharaoh proof that he was on a mission from God to free the slaves, Moses let God to use him to bring plagues to Egypt. God’s people were spared, but the plagues showed up on Pharaoh’s people and their land.

What’s your proof that you’re on a mission from God?

Hopefully, you’re not threatening people with plagues. It’s been done. There’s a more loving alternative.

Today, you can join me at Seek God With Me where we’ll look at how to prove that you belong to God. Are you showing enough evidence so people will believe the truth about you? It’s hard for some people to take us at our word. Sometimes we need to have proof.

And come back for Friday’s movie review. This week’s movie is about a man who had to prove to a woman that he was innocent so she’d help him escape the villains who had framed him. As long as she refused to believe him, he was in trouble. He needed proof.

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