Who Will Believe The Truth?

Does your life prove that what you believe is truth?

Students are starting a new school year, so they’re receiving information that they assume to be true. If they don’t believe the new info to be true, the teacher must convince them. It takes a lot longer to teach a student who doesn’t believe what you say. Those who listen and believe can act on the truth and grow in that truth faster.

This month, I’m thinking about the question, “Who will believe the truth?”

I’ll be reviewing movies that all touch on that theme. The movies will also be connected by the fact that they’re all directed by Alfred Hitchcock. These movies take a look at how to convince people to believe you.

Today on Seek God With Me, I’m sharing a Bible verse from the sixteenth chapter of Mark in order to show that those who believe the truth will be able to find evidence. Is there evidence of the truth you believe?

I’m looking forward to sharing truth with you this month. Don’t forget to check out my devotional blog.

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