Goodbye, My Fancy, 1951

Joan Crawford is Miss Reed, a woman politician who is the chairman of a Congressional committee and used to getting her way. She’s tough enough to speak her mind without blinking an eye.

Robert Young is the handsome president of Good Hope college, which Miss Reed attended 20 yrs ago. Both of them have tried to keep their secret all these years.

Miss Reed accepts the invitation to give the graduation speech at Good Hope where she’ll receive an honorary degree. Good Hope would’ve been her alma mater if she hadn’t been expelled from school twenty years ago.

She can’t wait to get back to her old school to see the man she’s loved all these years from a distance. Were they the same people who fell in love so long ago?

A twist at the end caught me off guard. I had envisioned a different ending. However, there were a few comments about education not being about protecting the minds of the young female students, but exposing them to current events and challenging them to think for themselves.

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