Kisses for my President, 1964

Those who watch Desperate Housewives have seen Polly Bergen as Stella Wingfield. I haven't seen that one, but I have seen some of her 83 roles, of which one was United States President Leslie Harrison McCloud.

As a woman who has just been elected US President, she has to balance career and family life in a little different way than all the men before her. She’s glad to be married to a man (Fred MacMurray) who isn’t threatened by stepping into a position in which his predecessors had always been called First Lady. Of course, it takes some getting used to. His normal routine is anything but normal.

He has an opportunity to stand up for his marriage and be his wife’s hero, but the unstable footing of his new position keeps him off-balance. He’s not sure he’s making the right decisions while his powerful wife is running the country.

When Arlene Dahl, who plays Doris, steps into the scene, trouble is written all over her. Trouble also follows Eli Wallach, who plays Valdez. These two keep the First Family on their toes and the audience rolling in laughter.

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