Captain Cautious, 1940

All onboard an  American ship are finally on their way home from their last European port. They miss their families, and they all want to be back home in Maine. However, the war with the British has started since they’ve been gone. They aren’t aware of the war and are surprised when a British ship aims its cannons and kills their captain. 

The daughter of the captain becomes the new captain, goes to France to get supplies, and plans to go back well able to join in the fight against those awful British who killed her father.

There are many twists and turns in this romantic adventure. I thought it was written well enough for those who enjoy a good “woman in a man’s world” adventure. The women are talented and courageous, and even though they try their best to be heroes, those guys just won’t allow it.

Victor Mature, playing Daniel Marvin, exhibited intelligence in his decision-making. He also revealed courage, strength, and a love for his woman. Louise Platt played Corunna Dorman, Daniel’s love interest.

Leo Carrillo was wonderful as Lucien Argandeau, the man to whom every woman was supposedly attracted. And Vivienne Osborne played Lucienne’s wife, Victorine, who was prepared for everything, except paying her bill in France. 

The villain, named Lehrman Slade, was played by Bruce Cabot. He was handsome enough to make a viewer think he could be competition for the hero, but he was a real scoundrel. Many other actors found a brief moment to steal the show: the guy with the stutter, the musician who helped set the stage for the romance, and the young British drummer. I must also mention the one running gag where the sailor continually mentions how having a woman on a ship is bad luck. 

This was an adaptation from the novel by Kenneth Roberts. I haven’t read the novel, but the movie was good enough that I might be interested.

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