Strong Women

Happy Groundhog Day!

February is known for a lot of different things. It is the month of love. It’s Black History Month. It’s the month of Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. It’s the month we celebrate Presidents’ Day. It’s the month of the Super Bowl. And it’s Creative Romance Month.

I'm glad a lot of guys out there take this month, the month of love, seriously and show appreciation for the women in their lives. Encouraging women is something both genders can do. I’ll be celebrating strong women of the Bible and in classic movies during this month.

You might know some strong women in your family or on your street. Or you might be a strong woman, a current day heroine who makes everyone else’s life better.

So come back and check out the women in movies who have to overcome challenges. There are women in the Bible who stood up to adversity and changed the lives of those around them. These women are not mice who skitter into the corner when danger shows up. They have the guts to face down the obstacles and press on toward the goal.


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