I Had A Plan

I’m usually pretty regular on my blogs. However, I recently had an unexpected challenge when my computer decided to take the month of May off. Being decidedly despondent, I needed help. I asked my techie hubby to help me get it sent off for repairs. Now I’m back online.

My blog plan has to be updated and reconfigured, but I’m okay with that now that I have my computer back.

After making sure all important emails were responded to, I checked out my Twitter account to see what was happening while I was away. I follow @duncanphillips on Twitter. One of the last retweets I posted before my computer went down was his, “You'll be way happier if you focus on the things you can change and let go of the things you can't! #music #newsboys”  Interesting concept.

I like that quote because it applies to so many things in life. As a parent, I can get caught up in the little distractions or let them go and focus on the big picture. Kids don’t really care about the big picture. It’s my job to help them focus on things that matter, whether they agree with me or not.

That quote also applies to my struggles with technology. I do a good job of focusing on the things I can change, but there is so much of that for me to keep up with. The things I have to let go of are the unexpected challenges like a motherboard which needs to be replaced. I can’t stop riding a horse just because I fell off. It’s important to get back on that horse and move forward.

What I love about this time of waiting we all have to go through occasionally is that God never left me. He was always there, loving me, guiding me through it. No need tear out hair in frustration. Trusting God is always enough

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