No Man of Her Own, 1932

Imagine catching the eye of Clark Gable as you fulfill your duties in a small town library. Carole Lombard plays the librarian beautiful enough to be noticed. Because of her obvious beauty, the writers could fill the dialogue with catchy little pieces like this: (He) “Do your eyes bother you?” (She) “No. Why?” (He) “They bother me.”

This classic movie stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who, during filming, were both married to other people, so their romance was strictly on film. They met again later and fell for each other, eventually becoming known as one of Hollywood’s great couples.

Babe Stewart gives up his gambling to hide from a cop on his trail. Before buying a train ticket out of town, he picks the perfect hiding place at the train station by closing his eyes and putting a finger on a random town name. But, being the perfect hiding place, the town of Glendale produces an interesting librarian who is hungry for adventure. 

Carole Lombard plays Connie Randall, the librarian. She gave the role the vivaciousness it required.
Her costumes were designed by Travis Banton. I liked his style choices in this film. He’s mentioned on as a mentor who influenced Oscar-winning designer Edith Head, who was his assistant in 1928. He once said about Carole Lombard, “You could toss a bolt of fabric at Carole Lombard and however it would land on her, she would look smart.”


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