Blue Hawaii, 1961

This film lets you vacation in Hawaii with Elvis Presley as your tour guide. Blue Hawaii thrilled Elvis fans with plenty of songs and the famous left-sided smile.

This movie did a good job of taking us on a brief highlight tour of Hawaii’s magnificent landscapes. I enjoyed the beach scenes on Oahu, the horseback riding on the shores of Kauai, and even the night time car chase.

The first thing Elvis does, as the charming Chadwick Gates, is try to make his girl jealous by kissing another girl. He explained to his girl that he was just having a little fun, but I was getting a little ticked off at him. Thankfully, the playboy attitude stopped after the first section of the movie. And I really must say that Chadwick was a gentleman after all. He had plenty of opportunities to go for other women during the rest of the movie but, being a gentleman, his role with the other women was one of Protector and Guide. Tour guide, that is.

Although born in London, Angela Lansbury worked hard on her performance as Mrs. Gates (Chadwick’s mother) a woman from Atlanta, Georgia. The movie was certainly all about Elvis, but Joan Blackman (as Maile Duval) put in a great performance as Chadwick’s girl. I especially liked the fact that Edith Head designed the costumes.

Everyone who loves Elvis movies loves the songs. My two favorites were “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” and the last song of the movie “Hawaiian Wedding Song”. I read that Elvis himself felt the wedding scene was so real that ten years had passed before he realized he wasn’t married to her. He sings well and has a sense of humor.

Speaking of songs, Elvis’s character got into a brawl at a luau and ended up in jail – with his Hawaiian buddies AND their instruments. How convenient. Elvis admits in a quote found on, “I get tired of playing a guy who gets into a fight, then starts singing to the guy he’s just beat up.”

Elvis was nominated for a Grammy award for his performance in Blue Hawaii.

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