The Thin Man, 1934

It’s interesting what happens when you’re taking a break. Nick Charles, a successful private detective who retired when Nora’s father died and left them his money, tries very hard not to go back to detective work, but when no one can figure out who the killer is, he’s the only one who can unveil the truth.

At a Christmas party in the Charles’ home, a couple of reporters asked Nora, “Is he working on a case?” She replied, “Yes. A case of Scotch. Pitch in and help him.”

William Powell and Myrna Loy, who played Nick and Nora Charles, began a series of Thin Man movies with this successful film about the private detective and his very helpful wife. The chemistry between Loy and Powell demanded attention and five more movies in this series. This film was a surprise success since Myrna Loy’s previous roles were not such innocent, playful wives. The duo brought their A-game to the films, and not surprisingly, they keep gaining fans through the decades.

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