Fifth Avenue Girl, 1939

Ginger Rogers is a jobless young woman whose future doesn’t look very bright until a millionaire inventor/businessman turns her world upside down by offering her a job. Walter Connolly plays the millionaire whose family has been neglected to the point of disinterest. They don’t know they’ve missed his birthday, so he plans a scheme to get his family back. But whether he realizes it or not, this hero needs a new teacher.

He wants the pretty blonde he found at the park (Rogers) to pose as his current interest so he can spark some jealousy in his wife. It’s a risk, but he thinks it just might work. After all is said and done, he and his family have learned new lessons in love and life.

Although she didn’t do much dancing in this movie, Ginger Rogers is known for dancing with Fred Astaire and made ten movies with him.

Movies released in 1939 had a lot of competition for the movie-going public’s dollar. This one came out a month after The Wizard of Oz and a month before Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Rogers had also starred in Bachelor Mother, which released a month before Fifth Avenue Girl. Unlike this film, Bachelor Mother was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Writing, original story. 

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