Being Warm

Some of us are starting to grab a jacket before we head outside in the morning. Not all of us. I’m still in short-sleeve shirts. It’ll be a while before I need a jacket. But for some, October marks a change in the weather. People are starting to use the word COLD for something besides describing how they like their lemonade.

But let’s look at being cold in a different way. I’ve noticed that some of the working folks around me are not always helpful and even truthful. I’ve seen a couple of people who seemed to be quite cold, even in the summer heat.

Join me at Seek GodWith Me where I’m sharing a Bible verse that speaks to this topic.

I was going to give this blog post the title “Don’t be cold. Be like Jesus.” But that’s kind of long for a title. Besides, I wanted to emphasize that the point is all about being warm and loving instead of cold. Check out my devotional at Seek God With Me and see if I got it right.

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