Songs of Gratitude

It’s the first month of the year, the time when many are making resolutions and setting goals. If last year was a bit too hectic or troublesome for you, then maybe having more peace in your life is a good goal.

Since we know that peace isn’t something we can buy, but something we notice as a result of our many decisions, it makes sense to review how we made decisions over the past year. We can have more peace if we’ll change a few bad habits.

Obviously, nobody wants to create bad habits. But we find that we have them anyway. Once we notice our bad habits, we want to get rid of them. But how do we do that? We have to trade our bad habits for good ones. Sounds easy, right?

So how do we substitute good habits for bad habits? It’s all in what we set our minds on. Join me for more about how to do this in today’s devotional at Seek God With Me.

We can continue in our old habits, or we can seek God’s help with positive changes. Really, it’s all about how much we want to change.

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