Waiting for the Day

This week is embraced by lovers as one of the most romantic weeks or weekends of the year. It’s time for Valentine’s Day. This is a time to look back on the relationship you’ve been developing with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.

We can write a heartwarming note to express what the other person has meant to us. We can plan an evening out at a favorite place or do a favorite activity together. Or we could just hand-deliver candy and cards.

Different couples have different styles. We usually do what our loved one is expecting so we can keep our loved ones happy. Some guys like to surprise their wives. Some women plan for days in advance to bring about an event that their guys will enjoy. I think everyone likes a gift that someone has put some thought into. It shows that you’ve been thinking about your loved one. There is a period of waiting. The anticipation builds and adds to the enjoyment.

Today at Seek God With Me, I’m looking at the relationship between Rachel and Jacob. He spent a lot of years anticipating his future with Rachel. He didn’t just go on a date, propose to her, and marry her. He had to work to earn his place as her husband.

Join me and see if you can identify with Jacob’s struggles. Sometimes love isn’t easy.

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