2017 - The Year of Impossibilities

I’m so excited about what happened to me in 2017. I published my first book. Yes, really! It’s for sale right now on Amazon. Not only that, but I also published 3 more books in those 12 months. 

It wasn’t easy. There were a lot of years of writing and learning and more learning and writing before I published. I wrote a few novels and some outlines for nonfiction books and a children’s story. But none of them were published before 2017.

I did a lot of research when I decided to get serious about publishing all those stories on my computer. As I acquired information from a huge variety of sources, one course caught my attention more than the others.

You can read about how to publish on this helpful blog.

The course I took was free and motivating. It explained the steps very clearly. I was finally able to envision myself as a published author. It was so exciting. If you want to learn more about becoming a published author, you can take this free course bit.ly/2mC2oOS today.

Then I signed up (not free) as a student in a publishing school where I kept learning and interacting with other students until I learned enough from the course work and the experience of others in the course’s community to actually succeed in publishing a book.

For many unpublished writers, becoming a published author seems impossible. In Matthew 19:26, we find, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Jesus was answering the question “Who can be saved?” However, when God says that all things are possible, he means exactly that.

While raising kids, I paused my writing. I wrote when I could, but always after everything else was done. Later, I started writing again in the hope that I would push past all the barriers that held me back from publishing for the last two decades. 

Through it all, I held steadfastly to the belief that I could put a product in the marketplace and earn some money. The plan was to produce a book that would be beneficial to my readers. So in 2016, I wrote Heroine: Rising to the Challenge, a nonfiction book for women. In a few short months, I edited and formatted it, and I bought a book cover.

I published that book in January of 2017. 

The struggle of self-publishing taught me a lot. The book in my hands was proof that I could actually create a book that other people would pay me real money for. So I continued the struggle to produce a novel. 

I picked one of the novels I had almost completed, worked on structure and setting, and completed it. In an effort to make sure my novel was the best it could be, I hired a writing coach to steer me around the possible problems and help me avoid big mistakes. I hired an editor and a formatter to make the product look professional and to improve the book’s readability. 

Only eleven short months after my first book was published, I released my debut novel, The Promotion, as an ebook. 

God was the one who gave me the gift of writing, the stubbornness to keep at it, and the encouragement and support along the way. I knew God wanted me to keep writing, so I kept the giver of my gift in mind as I wrote. I wanted him to be proud of my work. 

Now I can celebrate my victory with joy and thanksgiving because I know the reason behind my accomplishment is God. 

Are you using your gift?

It’s important to remember what God wants you to do. He designed you and gave you gifts and abilities. He’s the one who makes all things possible for us.

Want to learn more about becoming a published author? Take this free course bit.ly/2mC2oOS today.