Getting To Know God

I keep learning new things about God. He's so amazing!

God has so many facets. He is so many things to us. If we only know Him as Savior, we should keep seeking Him. Keep praying. Keep waiting for more revelation.

Let Him reveal Himself to you. Keep listening for His guidance. He may pull you into prayer late at night or wake you up early. Be ready to receive what He wants to share.

Get to know Him as Provider and Protector. Let Him show you how much He cares. Obey His nudges. Heed His call. Forget aout the nervous screaming world we live in. Love others in His calm love. If He's not worried, we shouldn't be.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Soemtimes people are so caught up in the world that they actually think they are in control...LOL!

What a revelation when you figure out God is in control!

That is when we learn to be still and know that He is God!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come again!
We need to talk about our mutual friend...Sarah Wray!

Domino said...

Your blog was fun, Bonnie. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for dropping in to see me here.