Scenes and Beans

...and we have lift-off. All systems are "Go". The Scenes and Beans blog started its orbit through cyberspace today. This character blog has blasted onto monitors large and small and will be drawing devoted readers by the thousands. Don't be left out of the excitement.

Scenes and Beans will tell the story of the citizens of Kanner Lake. Violet Dawn is the first book of the Kanner Lake series by Brandilyn Collins. No doubt anyone who has read a Brandilyn Collins suspense novel will rush out for a copy of Violet Dawn as soon as it hits the stores.

I've read it so I know it's good. You can read the first twelve chapters early by checking out the Kanner Lake site.

I've also been invited to be a part of the Scenes and Beans blog. That's right! I'm writing blog posts for Sarah Wray, the character who hires the heroine.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

That's got to be one of the coolest integrations of technology and literature I've ever heard of. I've never read anything by Brandilyn Collins, but you can bet I will now! Brilliant marketing. And how fun that you get to be a part of it! That's quite an undertaking, to learn a character well enough to feel comfortable becoming her voice to the real world. kudos to you!


Domino said...

I agree, Alison, Brandilyn's character blog is SO cool. Her book, Violet Dawn, comes out later this summer. I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, try one of her others. She does only suspense now, but has some women's fiction still out there.

Thanks for stopping by.