Decorations With Meaning

On the night Jesus was born, shepherds were told to find Jesus. The wise men were already on their way. And soon more people heard about the birth.

Today, we’re reminded of the birth of Jesus when we drive down the road. We see nativity sets in yards, on fabric banners hanging from a pole, in front of churches, and in front of some businesses. We hear about the birth in Bethlehem sung in the grocery stores, in the malls and on the radio. In fact, if you don’t know that Christmas is about Jesus, you’re wearing blinders and ear plugs.

Because the message is everywhere.

If you look around and listen carefully, you’ll see that God is calling us to notice him. He’s using everyone who’ll join in the season to give the message of love because love is the message of God. Because God is love.

Join me at Seek God With Me as I remind everyone that this is the perfect season to see God.

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