Snow Day

Yesterday afternoon, Houston was blessed with a rare treat. A gift from God, some would say.

It snowed real snowflakes!

Snow is so rare around here we all kinda freak out when we see it. I heard of a drug store employee who came back into work from the outside saying, "This has been the best non-paid fifteen minute break of my life!"

Teachers let their class go outside to jump around and experience the tiny bits of snow before it melted on the ground. I drove to pick up my kids after school and was delighted by the flakes bombarding my windshield. If it had been love bug season, the front of my car would've been black.

So this morning, everyone's in a good mood. Except for those who travel on icy bridges, or those who have to go around the wrecks that happened because of icy bridges. Almost everyone's refreshed by the memory of last night's full moon shining down on the fluffy frozen flakes in the air.

The stop and go snowfall made my son change his tune from "It needs sugar," to "It's delicious."

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