Bringing Up Baby

Paleontologist David Huxley gets a bone he needs for his museum collection. He meets Susan Vance, the zany heiress who is more wild than the leopard named Baby that she must bring up to her Aunt Elizabeth‘s house in Connecticut. As is normal for women in Cary Grant’s movies, she does everything she can to keep him around.

Susan is able to get David to go up to Connecticut with her, but not without problems. While one leopard is quite enough for David to deal with, a second leopard, not tame and escaped from the circus, is loose in the same area. George, the dog who buries David’s bone, adds to the fun.

I found out on that when they filmed the leopard roaming free in Susan’s apartment, the camera shot between the bars of a large cage.

Katherine Hepburn, as Susan Vance, delivered smart lines with great comedic timing, even though this was her first comedy. Nissa, as Baby, was petted, pulled, and chased as both a pet leopard and circus escapee. Cary Grant as Dr. David Huxley was impeccable as usual.

Howard Hawks directed this classic screwball comedy which delivers romance with fast-paced hilarity. Who knew you could do so much with a dog, two leopards, and some dinosaur bones?

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