Even Dogs Honor God

God can use dogs to save lives. He can prove his love for people by using a dog in a miracle rescue. He can also use dogs to bring opportunities to people that wouldn’t exist without that dog.

I read an article about a man who took a dog to church instead of to the pound. The dog had been aggressive at his house, so he gave the dog one last chance by allowing the pastor to pray for the dog. After his church experience, the dog was very well-behaved and continued going to church without getting into trouble. When I read the article, it seemed as though I was reading about a dog who had encountered God and would never forget it.

When a dog is used by God to show people an example of His love, I expect to hear witnesses tell that their faith was strengthened. I also expect the people to honor God whenever they remember that moment.

This month isn’t really about the dog. It’s about how God uses dogs to bring people closer to Him.

Join me on my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, as I discuss honoring God because He is worthy.

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