Colleen Coble's Midnight Sea

I love stories about dogs who help us. It's the perfect story to share this week. Here's the review:

Midnight Sea is the story of Lani Tagama’s struggle with her past and her fears about the future.

When I read the prologue, set in 1973, I didn’t realize it was a genius way of hiding the identity of the villain and allowing his perspective to come through.

Someone is shot and bullets fly around Lani as she ducks. But a bullet finds her head, and Lani loses her sight.

She finds herself in a new world, feeling her way through her problems. Ben Mahoney brings a seeing-eye dog, Fisher, into her life. At first, she doesn’t think she needs help. With a little patience, the swelling would go down and her vision would come back. But Fisher grows on her and so does Ben.

When her vision doesn’t come back, Lani has to come to grips with the fact that whoever tried to kill her won’t stop until she’s dead.

After more time and more deaths, Ben and Lani survive to overcome the challenges that make their budding romance difficult. And tearing at their hearts is the sadness surrounding a little girl named Meg.

A story of conflict right from the start, this novel continues the story of the Tagama family from Colleen Coble’s Aloha Reef series. I’d already read Annie’s story, so I recognized her name as well as the others.

Midnight Sea was also a Women of Faith book selection.

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