Chris Tomlin's Tour

For the past few weeks, I’ve been celebrating in the car with my daughter every time the radio station played the reminders to get tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert I went to this past weekend. I just had to be there, especially since Israel Houghton would be on stage too.

I’ve taken my kids to a Chris Tomlin concert before. They enjoyed it last time, and they enjoyed it again this year. When we found our seats in the jam-packed arena and the music suggested that Israel and New Breed was about to begin their first song, I was ready to dance in the miniscule one-inch by one-inch space I was allotted. (A little exaggerated, I know.)

After they announced the intermission, my daughter and I went to get soft drinks and stood in a long line for a long time. A really long time. When the music started up again, I knew Chris Tomlin’s band was on stage. I wanted to head back to our seats so I wouldn’t miss anything, but my daughter had to have the drink. The first song was one I didn’t know. A part of me said I should be in there watching it being performed. I glanced at my daughter, but she would not be persuaded. We were next in line when the song was over.

I had missed the whole song.

Looking around on the way back to my seat, I saw strangers, grown men and even pre-teens with arms raised, worshipping in unity with their whole hearts. Such a beautiful sight. After a few songs, my daughter asked me to do that loud whistle that I do at concerts. I’d forgotten to make a lot of noise because I was so engulfed by the atmosphere of love, the worshipful singing, and the wonderful music.

It was the perfect concert. Crazy fun. Christy Nockels was on stage with Chris. A thrilling surprise for me. Talk about an evening with thousands of people loving God with one voice.

Chris Tomlin’s music is sung around the globe partly because he’s a great songwriter and partly because God loves to use those who give themselves fully to the service of their Almighty Father. I could hear the purity of the love of God in Chris’s voice as he spoke in between songs. His affection for God and for the body of Christ was evident. If you haven’t heard of him, go to his website and check out the rest of his tour dates and find time in your schedule for a concert you won’t forget.

Chris, thanks for playing your first song over again at the end of the concert. It rocked!

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