The Gift of a Good Meal

As a parent, I choose to limit my kids’ sugary desserts to one a day, if that many. I also let them have a couple of popsicles as a snack during the day to keep them hydrated. My goal is to teach them good nutrition habits so that when they get older and choose their own meals, they’ll have gotten used to eating right.

I don’t want my daughter to carry into adulthood the attitude that a day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine.

I also want to teach them that God is the giver of all good things. They see their parents providing their meals and praying over meals. However I want them to acknowledge that God was responsible for our household income so we could put a meal on the table.

On my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I’ve written about how God gives us good gifts, everyday gifts that we take for granted all the time. Join me as we take a look at God’s Everyday Gifts.

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