North by Northwest, 1959

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're looking for a great movie for date night, check out this movie.

If you enjoyed my post on Cinnamon and my review of My Fair Lady, you'll enjoy my review of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. We found out that most people don't really know if they have cinnamon in their cinnamon box. We also read that Eliza Doolittle was being packaged as someone other than who she originally was.

This movie makes us ask the question, "Is she who he thinks she is?" We also wonder which identity Cary Grant will use next.

Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint pair off in this Alfred Hitchcock classic. One of the taglines for this movie is “It’s a deadly game of tag and Cary Grant is IT!”

Grant’s Roger Thornhill is mistaken for George Kaplan when he interrupts a bellboy paging Kaplan. Thugs take Thornhill to a mansion and then try to dispose of him. However, they were unaware that Thornhill was voted most likely to escape several attempts on his life.

With both the police and the villains looking for him, Thornhill finds help from a beautiful blonde. What a stroke of luck!

Eva Marie Saint’s Eve Kendall is smart and courageous. It kind of makes you wonder why she was caught up in this mess in the first place.

I had to chuckle at Cary Grant running the shower and whistling “Singing in the Rain”, which released seven years earlier so it was a good choice.

Grant and Saint heat up the screen often enough, but they’re gentlemanly about it. Unfortunately, today’s movies show a lot more than discreet intention.

Ernest Lehman’s action-packed screenplay was nominated for an Oscar. It was also nominated by the Writers Guild of America for Best Written American Comedy.

The death-defying sequences in Mount Rushmore’s most famous movie make this romantic thriller the movie to see on dark and stormy date nights.

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