I’ve never owned the Eternity rose, nor have I seen it. The Eternity rose is also known as TWOetern because it was hybridized by Twomey. I’ve found very little information on it, other than the fact that it was introduced in 1991, but I like the name. Eternity.

It reminds me of Jesus, whose love is forever. Again, I find myself thinking of this month’s theme: sacrifice. This is a good time to prepare for Easter by sacrificing something that gets in the way of a relationship with God. Many people give up certain things for Lent. I think this is a concept that should be practiced all year.

Back to the rose. It’s a slightly fragrant red-blend rose that blooms in clusters. With a name like Eternity and giant drops of red all over the bush, it’s difficult for me not to see a picture of Jesus when I read about this rose.

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