Praying or Playing

It’s Spring! And that means Spring Break. Many kids are out of school and taking it easy for a week. Parents of teens and college kids are probably on their knees right now.

Praying while your kids have committed themselves to thinking about anything but school is not a bad idea, but the praying should be done by the kids as well. Some of them will, but most of the kids are focused on living a carefree and easy life while on their break.

I certainly agree that all work and no play will lead to depression and fatigue. But prayer isn’t going to depress you – if you’re praying to someone you love.

The way you communicate shows how you feel about the one you’re speaking to. If you ask God a question, your love-filled relationship with God would suggest a time of quiet listening is in order. You don’t know if he’ll answer with a spoken word, a Bible verse, an urgency to act, or something else. Your love for God makes you more attentive to him while waiting for his answer.

For more on How God Answers, join me at my devotional blog, Seek God With Me.

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