Changing Direction

When one of my kids asks for money when we’re in the store. I usually ask where their money is. I ask if they have enough to pay me back. I ask when they’re going to pay me back. All of this is my way of instilling responsibility in them. I don’t mind if they buy a fun item on a whim if they want to use their money that way. I try to guide their purchases and teach them financial wisdom.

But if they are grounded for bad behavior, I have to put the brakes on all the fun stuff and let them experience their need for repentance.

As a parent, I don’t like changing direction when I have fun planned for the kids. I also don’t like listening to the empty pleadings of why I should overlook this one sin – again.

I recently read the first chapter of Isaiah and saw how God feels about these issues. Join me at Seek God With Me for more on this.

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