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It’s time to notice people. There is a lot of buzz across the internet about The Noticer Project. One group of people who may be overlooked in all the noticing is the homeless. We stereotype them even though very good movies have been made about some remarkable individuals. The Soloist (2009) is a movie about homeless man Nathaniel Ayers, played by Jamie Foxx. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) is a movie about homeless man Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith. We shun the homeless because of their misfortune and their poor decisions. We assume all homeless people smell less-than-holy.

I want to issue a challenge to you to pray about how you can benefit the homeless.

Coming up in a movie review, a wealthy family gets a taste of reality when they hire Godfrey as their butler. It takes a gentle yet bold man such as Godfrey to make them aware of their treatment of others. My Man Godfrey shows how lives can be changed when a stereotyped homeless man reaches out to help a rich family deal with their misfortune.

Tomorrow, I'll review a movie from 1941, starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake, about a man who tries to get an idea of the troubles homeless people face.

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