On my Seek God With Me blog, I’m revisiting the first chapter of Isaiah.

The widow and the orphan are important to God, so he put the command to help those two groups in several places in the Bible. Isaiah chapter one is just one of those places.

If you know of a women’s shelter, a homeless shelter, or an orphanage that needs volunteers, you might be the perfect fit for that service opportunity. If you don’t know of a shelter or orphanage, there are plenty of other opportunities to help those who need it. Ask your church if there is a list of elderly people who need small chores done around their home. Maybe you could replace burned out light bulbs or weed a flower bed. Even if you only spend an hour visiting in a nursing home, that’s still a blessing to them.

Find out where you can volunteer in your area. You might be surprised at the results of your encouragement.

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