What Sarah Saw by Margaret Daley

Dr. Jocelyn Gold dated FBI agent Sam Pierce last year when she lived in New Orleans. After a devastating end to a case she had worked on with him, Jocelyn moved back to where she grew up to start a private practice. She left New Orleans, a failed case, and a failed relationship behind her.

She wants to help children who have gone through emotional trials because she knows what that was like. She was overwhelmed with anger and gave her dad a hard time after her mother died when she was young. Jocelyn’s new home and new business gave her opportunities to renew old friendships, like with her friend Leah Farley.

What was a quirky little town becomes a creepy little town when Jocelyn finds out that Earl Farley is gone – dead, in fact. His wife Leah is gone too, only no one knows where she is.

Sam and Jocelyn work to piece together the puzzle of where Leah went and why. In their struggle to understand the clues to Earl’s death and Leah’s disappearance, they take the time to renew what’s left of their own fragile relationship. She loves Sam, but she doesn’t want to, especially since she knows he’ll leave again after the case is solved. She hopes it’s solved soon.

Leah’s daughter, Sarah, might have seen the person who killed her father. Getting information from someone so young is tricky. She knows something, but she’s not talking.

Sarah was taken from her home since it's a crime scene. For now, she's homeless. Her temporary home is her uncle Clint’s house until Leah is found. And then maybe Sarah can relax.

But until then, Jocelyn and Sam want to know what Sarah saw.

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