Romantic Roses: Beauty of Rosemawr

Beauty of Rosemawr. Without having seen its picture, I can imagine an elegant, delicate flower just from the sound of its name.

The beauty of it is: This is a fragrant rose that blooms continually. Vigorous and showy, this easy to grow rose is a deep pink with white veining. It’s hardy in zones 9 to 7.

The beast of it is: No one can agree about it. Some say it was hybridized by Van Fleet and some say by Conrad & Jones in 1904. They also disagree over which category it should be in. Some say the roses are Chinas, and some say they’re teas.

I’d love to try one out. However, I’ll have to wait and see what the husband says. He’s in charge of the plants at our house. I don’t mind. He’s made great decisions in the past.

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