Seeking the Provider of Beauty

There are those who love a good devotional. Every Wednesday on my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I give a verse to feed your soul and an application or story to go with it.

This month, I'm strolling through Psalm 23. Many people have memorized this popular psalm. If you haven't and you'd like to, I'm going pretty slow so you'll have time to memorize the whole psalm by the time I move on to something else.

For instance, this week, I'm only using a part of verse two.

Psalm 23:2 He makes me lie down in green pastures.

If I were a sheep (a real one, the four-legged type), sitting in a field of soft, sweet, green grass, I'd be pretty happy. I wouldn't have to get in the car and drive down to the store and make decision after decision about what to eat. The food's right there at my feet.

Of course, sheep don't usually have cars, but that's beside the point.

I'm an American female who owns a car. I do make decisions in the store about what to eat. And I happen to like vegetables. So when I read about The Good Shepherd giving me a green pasture to lie down in, I get happy.

I’m not your ordinary American. I actually LIKE vegetables.

My niece keeps telling me she likes my salads, possibly because she likes to cook and enjoys the variety of ingredients in my salads. I’m a little picky when I want a salad. I choose fresh, colorful ingredients. Having lots of different colors in the salad bowl keeps me from getting bored with food. Being bored at a meal is such a shame. I like exciting flavors or surprising food pairings. I like trying new things.

When it comes to the Lord’s supply of my daily food, his generosity is thrilling. I can feed on His words of life in the Bible and find unexpected moments of revelation. He also provides experiences with flavorful food for my body. He fills me with good things for my belly and for my soul.

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