Deep Blue by Tom Morrissey

500 sit ups every morning is not the only impressive thing about Beck Easton. Mr. Easton is a gentleman. He’s a hero in every sense of the word. He’s smart, athletic, and he has a tender heart. But the most impressive thing about Beck is his self-control.

When Jennifer Cassidy came to ask Beck to help her discover artifacts and clues to solve the mystery in Cecilia Sinclair’s Civil War era diary, he starts to like her right away. Who wouldn’t? She’s cute. But after spending some time together, he can’t just say goodbye. Jennifer’s in a situation that’s too big for her to handle alone.

After looking at a few artifacts and discovering there’s more to the mystery than Jennifer originally thought, Beck sees that her life is in danger. However, she continues her search for more clues while Beck keeps an eye on the people following her.

I enjoyed reading about Beck, the diver. I’ve taken one trip 35 feet underwater and saw what that world was like – and loved it. I also enjoyed reading about Beck the pilot, Beck the Christian, and Beck the boyfriend.

Christy Award finalist Tom Morrissey writes deep novels. Yucatan Deep and Deep Blue are two among his other high action, high tension novels. Morrissey’s August 2009 release, Pirate Hunter, should be excellent as well.

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