Romantic Roses: National Trust

Hybridized in 1970, this crimson red Hybrid Tea has a mild fragrance. It is resistant to black spot and mildew. While you will enjoy the fully double flowers of this profuse bloomer, it is moderately thorny.

Battling the heat of a Texas August might be difficult for this rose; although, it is said to grow well in zones 5-9. Zone 5 is northern Kansas, 6 is southern Kansas, 7 is southern Oklahoma and northern Texas, and 8 is central and eastern Texas. Zone 9 is where I live.

I haven’t tried out this rose in my yard. Many roses do well in Spring and Fall, but can’t take the heat of our Summers. I would love to test this beauty and see how well it holds up since it’s supposed to bloom continuously from mid-spring to early fall.

Although I haven’t verified this information myself, I read that this is one of the 4,500 roses in the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden in California. I’ve been there years ago on a vacation and found their displays to be inspiring and refreshing. So I may have seen this flower up close in that beautiful garden.

This shrub with its abundant dark green leaves is also sold as the “Bad Nauheim” rose. Bad Nauheim is a city in Germany whose air is sweetened by a field of roses. The city also boasts the world’s only rose museum, but is most famous for the spa where international celebrities relax.

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