Independence Day, 1996

Aliens invade Earth! This classic alien invasion movie is funny and endearing. Instead of coming off corny and stupid, it has the audience cheering at the end.

In early July, an alien mothership and her smaller ships attend to the work of demolishing major cities. The fate of the entire world is left to a handful of remaining Americans who figure out how to stop the invasion and fight for their freedom.

A rousing speech by Bill Pullman who plays President Whitmore ends with a passionate declaration that July 4th is our Independence Day. That speech, according to, “was filmed on 6 August 1995 in front of an old airplane hangar. The hangar once housed the Enola Gay, which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima exactly 50 years earlier on 6 August 1945.”

You didn’t see very much CGI in this film since it “holds the record for most miniature modelwork to appear in one film. It is said more miniatures were used for this film than in any other two films combined. Due to the advances in digital technology since this film's release, most experts believe this record may stand forever.”

I love the quick-witted comments from Judd Hirsch, Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith. I read that most of the dialogue by those actors was unplanned.

Brent Spiner plays crazy Dr. Brackish Okun very well. You could tell the good doctor didn’t get out much.

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