Romantic Roses: Fourth of July

The Fourth of July rose will add excitement to your yard. I’ve read that you’ll want to walk by this rose a few times each day to catch that sweet, fresh cut apple scent as much as possible. Since it’s a repeat bloomer, you’ll need some room on your arbor for this bright, colorful, fast-growing beauty.

Hybridized by Tom Carruth and introduced by Weeks in 1999, this red blend climber is hardy and vigorous. If you’re in zones 5 to 9, you’ll have an easy grower on your hands.

This eye-opener became the 1999 All-America Rose Selection, the first climber to take the honor in 23 years. From 1940 to 2009, only five climbing roses have been named as AARS roses. Other climbers achieving AARS status are: a salmon rose called America from 1976, a yellow rose called Golden Showers from 1957, a yellow rose called High Noon from 1948, and a red rose called Flash from 1940.

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