Romantic Roses: Knock Out Rose

The Knock Out Rose from Conard-Pyle, the first in a family of roses, is an AARS Winner from the year 2000. Others in the family include: Pink Double Knock Out Rose, Rainbow Knock Out Rose, and Sunny Knock Out Rose.

This shrub rose is like every rose: it requires some maintenance for maximum impact. But no coddling. Even though you’ll want to go out often and check out the rich cherry red flowers which bloom continuously, it has proven to need very little upkeep compared to others.

I’ve never owned one of these, but I might try it since it’s drought tolerant and disease resistant.

The pictures I’ve seen of it show it off with a profusion of color covering a mass of bushes. Newer bushes still impress, but older beds thickly studded with blasts of color make the whole landscape a knock out.

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