Romantic Roses: Pink Double Knock Out

It is said that the Knock Out Roses, a family of roses whose introductions began in the year 2000, are the most disease resistant roses around. That and the fact that they are low maintenance in other ways as well delights owners of the Pink Double Knock Out Rose.

This perky bubble gum pink version of the Double Knock Out Rose is a compact shrub rose which brightens landscapes almost all year through.

Its foliage is vigorous and has a nice color. The deep green leaves enjoy a touch of blue and maroon. Its underside is also maroon. However in the fall, the leaves turn a deep purple with rich maroon undertones.

The blossom’s fragrance is slightly spicy mixed with a light tea rose scent. With a bloom cycle of about every 5 to 6 weeks, The shrub is almost always in rebloom mode. Many rose growers practice deadheading to encourage more flower production. Deadheading is cutting off spent flowers just above the last leaf so that the plant produces more blossoms. This only works on roses that are able to rebloom.

But the Knock Out Roses are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead.

The Pink Double Knock Out Rose is one I would love to try in my yard. The tough plant with its vibrant flower is a definite temptation.

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