Roxanne Rustand's Wildfire

Snow Canyon Ranch is a Love Inspired Suspense series featuring the McAllister family living in the Wyoming Rockies. Claire is the mother of three sisters who have had their share of bad times. In Wildfire, the final book in the series, it’s Tessa’s turn to tell her story of conflict and love.

Tessa’s life has been challenging, but she has run the ranch to the best of her ability. However when drought and money problems combine with a criminal element, Tessa is at her wit’s end.

It’s a good thing her former boyfriend Josh came along when he did. Or is it? He’s as helpful as he can be, but he’s there with limited power. And he reminds her of pain from years past.

What’s a girl to do? Welcome whatever help Josh can give or send him away?

Raging fires, burglaries, gunshots and motorcycle accidents draw the characters to rely on God more than they ever have.

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