Romantic Roses: Sunny Knock Out

The Sunny Knock Out Rose, the newest member of the Knock Out rose family, debuted in 2009. The original Knock Out rose debuted in 2000. This newest release is the seventh variety of the family, and it was developed by William Radler, the same rose breeder who developed the other Knock Out roses.

Just like the other roses in the family, it is a fabulous landscape rose, but with a slightly more compact and upright habit than the original Knock Out rose. Its unique quality is the fact that it’s the most fragrant member of the Knock Out family.

Its blooms are three inches in diameter with five to seven petals per flower. Although it has bright golden flower buds that open to a buttery yellow with deep yellow centers, the petals quickly turn a creamy pale yellow and then fade a little more over the next couple days. The flower’s color stays more intense during the cooler parts of the year. And the bright yellow contrasts nicely with its dark, semi-glossy foliage.

Sunny Knock Out rose is a tough and hardy shrub type rose with outstanding disease resistance. It blooms early in the Spring, thrives in heat and humidity, and continues blooming until the first hard frost.

For a low-maintenance, trouble-free rose garden, roses in the Knock Out family seem to be one of the top picks. They’re a great plant for hedge, border or foundation planting.

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