You want more power?

Years ago, (and now sometimes on reruns) I used to watch the old TV series Home Improvement with my family. We would laugh together as we learned that, just like Tim the Tool Man, everyone wants more power.

If it's power you want, there's a way to get it. But strangely, power goes hand-in-hand with submission and obedience to God.

Think of yourself as a power tool in the garage or a vacuum cleaner, or an electric ice cream maker. You need access to real power or you won't work very well. We get our strength when we hook up with the One who is our power. Our worship, prayers, and acts of obedience are the electrical cord that keeps us connected to the power.

We think praying for a parking spot and getting it is power, but we don't know power. God has so much more to show us than we're ready to see.

If we would all grow up and allow God to really use us, we would see true power. Real Power.

We would see .... as Tim the Tool Man would say, "More Power".

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