Blessing Your Kids

When people talk about the economy these days, they have tension in their eyebrows. Personally, I don’t care what the economy does because God is my provider in any economy. When business is booming, God provides for me. When the nation mourns a bad economy, God provides for me. God’s power is not affected by our economy.

However, our obedience affects God’s power in our lives. He tells us to do something so he can reward us. If we refuse to obey because we live in fear and because we don’t trust God, we end up tying his hands. He’d love to bless us, but he won’t bless us for our disobedience.

As a parent, I understand this.

I feed and clothe my kids no matter how they behave, but I can’t take them to a special evening out when they’ve been rebellious all day.

I love to do special things with my kids just like God loves to bless me with special moments. When I trust God and obey him, I build up an inheritance that I can share with my kids and grandkids. Just like my grandparents handed down a reverence for God, I can keep the flow of God’s blessing open toward my descendants.

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