Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter

While reading Surrender Bay: A Nantucket Love Story, I was swept away by the power of persevering, unconditional love. This allegory, slathered with emotion and conflict, transformed a normal love story into an incessant tugging at the reader’s heart.

Samantha and Landon, best friends since childhood, have some things to talk about. However, Sam won’t talk. Her battered heart hasn’t healed, but has been guarded, stashed away to protect what was left of it.

At several points in the story, I got the idea that Landon’s love was Christ-like. This is a trait I’d like to see more of in novels and in real-life relationships.

Of all the heroic qualities I could list for Landon, I’ll stick to just three. He’s caring, patient, and driven. These three stand out because I saw Sam’s need for persevering love, and these three qualities ganged up on her and made an impact. His unquenchable love for her took over when human reasoning fell flat.

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