Love Starts With Elle by Rachel Hauck

Elle Garvey is about to marry Jeremiah, the young dynamic pastor who used to be a popular professional football player. She wants to be married, but life in a small town hadn’t produced many prospects up to this point. Jeremiah seems to be every girl’s dream. Why not marry him?

Heath McCord is moving away from New York City where his friends at the law firm would have to carry on without him. Of course they understand since he’s relocating in an attempt to recover from grieving the death of his vibrant young wife.

Elle is an artist. A good one, but with little confidence about her work. She hasn’t painted seriously in a while, certainly hasn’t tried to sell any. However, she wants to promote a love for good art by selling others’ pieces in her gallery. In her transition from single gallery owner to pastor’s wife, she wonders if she’ll have as much time for her artistic passions as she wants. She wonders if this marriage will be plagued with the busyness and politics of a religious institution. She wonders if she’s doing the right thing.

I enjoyed the journey, following Elle through excitement to confusion to heartache to confusion and back to excitement again. Rachel Hauck’s writing slipped me into the shoes of two different people with two different backgrounds, but headed toward the same goal. I also enjoyed the novel within the novel, and I thought it might be nice to see more of the intriguing story of Chet and Kelly.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing the beautiful lowcountry town of Beaufort, South Carolina and all of its quirky inhabitants.


Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Laura!!

Domino said...

Enjoyed your story. Thanks for dropping in. Looking forward to your next release.