Romantic Roses: Dortmund

Introduced by Kordes of Germany in 1955, this hardy climber can get up to thirty feet tall and flourishes in zones 4 to 9. Pruning and deadheading will encourage more blooming.

Five large, long-lasting petals make up the brilliant red blooms, which show up well against the glossy, dark-green leaves. Their yellow stamens come up from a white eye. At their peak, these charmers produce a showy mass of red in the yard.

The thorns are quite noticeable. Keep them away from sidewalks or the passersby may experience a small snag in their plans.

My husband bought this shrub and tied it onto the areas of the backyard trellis that made the most of its beauty. Now it’s listed among his favorites. Ours is a slow grower. It’s in the shade and gets filtered morning sun. He loves the rich, deep color.

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