A Famous Fighter

Benaiah was known for being a great fighter. He could be described as crazy if he were in a Hollywood war movie. But he was real, so we won’t say crazy. We’ll say courageous.

He jumped into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion. I haven’t studied enough to find out why he decided to get into the pit, but apparently Benaiah saw that the lion needed to be shut down. Maybe someone else fell into the pit and needed to be rescued. Lots of people have killed lions, but I don’t think Benaiah stood far off and used a powerful gun. I’m pretty sure he was a lot closer than I’d ever want to be. I can’t imagine being trapped in a pit with a lion licking his chops. I’d be terrified and slipping around in muddy snow, trying to get out.

Benaiah was known for being a defender of his people. A true hero. To find out more about this famous warrior, visit Seek God With Me. Or you can you can open your Bible and read about him in 1 Chronicles 11:22-25.

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