Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

This book is another heart-grabber from Denise Hunter. She can really tug at a reader’s emotions. As usual, she's written a great hero and plenty of conflict. There are surprises, vocabulary competitions, and kisses. I enjoyed the hero's journey to win the heroine’s heart.

Tucker McCabe is interested in a woman who communicates with him over the internet. He sees Sabrina in the mornings when he goes to the café to get coffee. When he asks Sabrina to help him with a project, he intends to get information out of her – without giving away his secret.

Sabrina has secrets of her own. She has information that keeps her from getting close to Tucker. She can’t fall in love with him, she won’t let herself.

I loved the tension between Tucker and Sabrina. Both of them wanted to be together, but couldn’t. I also loved that Sabrina was helping out the novelist in the novel.

Denise Hunter can roll out a setting that contains many opportunities for conflict and beauty. You know there will be a happy ending, but you don’t know how the characters will find their way to it.

I’ve always been thrilled with this author’s books. I recommend them highly.

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