Love Him or Love Him Not

I can enjoy ice cream, and I can enjoy chocolate. I can enjoy them in the same bowl at the same time. They go together well.

However, I cannot enjoy sinning and not sinning at the same time. It’s either one or the other. I prefer the not sinning over the sinning.

I can aim to do something, but I haven’t figured out how to not aim at something. If I squeeze the trigger on a gun, I’m going to shoot at something. Whether my eyes are open or not, the gun is aiming at something. You can’t say you’re not shooting at anything. If you’re shooting, you’re shooting at something.

It would be silly for me to take a walk and focus on not driving my car. If I’m not near my car, I won’t be driving it.

The best way to not shoot yourself in the foot is to aim at the tree which is fifty feet away. The best way to not drive your car is to take a walk. The best way to not do something is to focus on doing something different.

On my devotional blog, Seek God With Me, I’m sharing Psalm 97:10 which is “Let those who love the Lord hate evil…”.

I don’t think you can love evil and love the Lord. If you don’t want to be around evil, let yourself be immersed in the presence of God. In Him is no evil at all.

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