Romantic Roses: Zepherine Drouhin

Winter isn't over, but Spring is on the way. You can begin planning now for a rose bed full of color. This summer you can reach for a fragrant, thornless rose whose vivid fuschia color begs for attention.

One of my favorite roses is the Zephirine Drouhin. Although I’ve seen rose petals served in salads, I don’t grow roses for food. But if this rose could taste as good as it looks, it would be 5-star-restaurant good. My husband planted this rose in an easily viewable corner of the backyard at our first house – and did it ever perform!

This highly fragrant, easy to grow, Bourbon climber is actually thornless, so it’s great on a porch or where children play. The canes can grow to twelve feet long in full sun and light shade.

Zephirine Drouhin has proven to be a repeat bloomer, and it grows well in zones 4-10. It’s disease resistant, but watch out for black spot. It may be a problem in damp conditions.

At my first house, our bush performed with spectacular color all over. And I’m not just talking about the vibrant blooms. The new leaves start out purple, but turn dark green. Again, this is one of my favorite roses.

This antique rose was bred by Bizot in France in 1868. It’s been turning heads for a long time.

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